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Protecting The Legal Interests Of Injured Hawaii Residents And Visitors Since 1973

Skilled Legal Representation For Admiralty And Maritime Cases In Hawaii

Hawaii beckons the world to visit, play and enjoy sandy beaches and blue ocean. Unfortunately, sometimes a vacation turns tragic and a family has to cope with a serious injury or death.

Lawyers at the Honolulu law firm of Cronin, Fried, Sekiya, Kekina & Fairbanks can help. We investigate the facts and analyze issues of negligence and liability after maritime accidents, whether they involved passengers or crew, in Hawaiian waters or on the high seas in the Pacific.

Help For Injured Workers On The Ocean And In Marinas

Our firm has handled personal injury claims involving maritime and ocean-related accidents since its formation in 1973. We have represented ship and dock workers, as well as passengers and those injured by ships and boats. We also represent people injured in ocean-related activities such as diving and swimming.

We have recovered claims for shipboard seamen, dock and longshore workers, cruise ship passengers, maritime construction and dredging workers, and recreational swimmers and divers involved in ocean activities. In over 30 years, we have represented members of all maritime unions dispatching members out of Honolulu and many western ports.

Two of our attorneys — Paul F. Cronin and Patrick F. McTernan — have special interests in admiralty and maritime cases. Together they have over 80 years of experience representing injured maritime workers and passengers. Paul Cronin was a Navy officer and diver.

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