Errors In Anesthesia Are Frightening And Dangerous

When you go in for surgery, you will almost certainly be under anesthesia. It could be a local numbing agent, or it could be a more comprehensive general anesthesia. Anesthesiologists have several drugs to keep a person from feeling pain during surgery, but the complex interaction of biology and medication can lead to devastating results.

Anesthesia errors are common and one of the most concerning types of medical malpractice. At Cronin, Fried, Sekiya, Kekina & Fairbanks, we have seen many clients ask about what happened to them in their or a loved one’s surgery. We fight hard to provide all the answers they need and aggressively pursue the compensation they deserve.

Common Types Of Anesthesia Errors

You may not know this, but anesthesia is a highly customized type of treatment. Anesthesiologists have their own “mix” of medications that they use. They must carefully calculate the dosage while considering a person’s genetics, weight, age, sex and personal medical history.

The most common types of anesthesia errors are:

  • Under medication
  • Overmedication
  • Failure to inform patients of relevant information
  • Prolonged sedation
  • Failure to properly monitor
  • Failure to stop the spread of anesthesia

Anesthesiologists have a responsibility for your care throughout whatever procedure you have. While they are not the ones performing the surgery, they monitor your vital signs to ensure your safety.

It is a grave responsibility that, when neglected, can lead to significant injuries and even death. We regularly pursue instances of this sort of medical malpractice for clients across Hawaii.

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