Getting Back On Your Feet After A Pedestrian Accident

Who is the most vulnerable person on the road? The answer is obvious. Pedestrians, those walking on foot, are vulnerable to cars and other motor vehicles and often are endangered by drivers with a dismissive perspective of their right to cross the road.

When you’re on foot, you should feel as safe – and be as safe – as anyone else. Our team of attorneys works with people from all over Hawaii and has built a reputation for strength and perseverance in pursuing the compensation you deserve.

What Is The Cause Of A Pedestrian Collision?

Often the most prominent cause of a pedestrian collision is an inattentive driver, which can be caused by:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Driving while texting
  • Not paying attention to the road
  • Recklessness

It is recklessness that is often a more serious matter when it comes to issues of pedestrian accidents, as the law is clear about the rights of pedestrians.

Your Right To Walk

In Hawaii, if you are in the crosswalk, a vehicle must yield to you, provided you are on the same half of the road as them or dangerously close to the vehicle. Additionally, drivers must take special care to avoid pedestrians who cross when there is no crosswalk.

Unfortunately, impatient, reckless drivers frequently skirt the laws and refuse to give pedestrians their needed space to cross. Drivers of this variety are responsible for many injuries and deaths throughout Hawaii.

Helping You Get Back Up

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