A Medication Error Can Be Devastating

Medication makes a huge impact on people with chronic conditions or recovering from an illness or surgery. It can mean the difference between normal day-to-day activity and significant pain and suffering. It can mean life or death. As long as it is the right medication.

Doctors and pharmacists make mistakes every day. However, errors in prescribing medication come with devastating consequences. At Cronin, Fried, Sekiya, Kekina & Fairbanks, we fight for people across Hawaii in any injury case, including those involving medical malpractice and medication errors.

Common Types Of Medication Errors

As a type of medical malpractice, a medication error can have serious, devastating consequences because medication errors can cause two types of damage. The medication may hurt you, and the condition you have received the prescription for may go untreated. In addition to that scenario, there are errors such as:

  • Overmedication
  • Incorrect dosage
  • Avoidable medication interactions
  • Ignored medical allergies

These issues can lead to pain and suffering for you or a family member. However, you do have an opportunity to pursue compensation if you are the victim of a medication mistake.

What Causes Medication Errors?

Although there are multiple layers of protection between you and an incorrect, dangerous prescription, like your doctor must file a prescription according to protocol, the pharmacists must confirm the validity of the prescription, review the medication against your medical history, and check for harmful interactions with any of your other medications before filing it, errors can be made at any step in the process.

Pharmacists are often responsible for finding many suitable replacements when your prescriptions conflict. However, this “catch” system is also susceptible to errors and missteps. A missed input at a crucial moment can leave you vulnerable. A less experienced pharmacist or other medical provider administering medication can lead to a lot of pain and suffering.

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