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4 steps for handling an injury out of state

As a tourist heading to Hawaii, you want to know that you're going to be able to receive medical treatment and other necessities in the case of an emergency. The good news is that Hawaii does have a great medical system, and there is plenty of help for people who get hurt. However, you still need to know what to do if you're hurt while traveling on vacation.

Whether you're on an island or just out of state, knowing what to do when you get hurt is important. Here are a few tips for getting the help you need and taking care of the situation.

Drowning in Guam is a vacation risk: Travelers be warned

There are many reasons to visit Guam, not the least of which is the beautiful tropical scenery. There are gorgeous reefs to swim through as well. But many tourists -- even the strongest of swimmers -- find themselves in precarious circumstances while swimming in Guam's potentially dangerous waters.

Unfortunately, a recent incident highlights these dangers. In November 2018, a 49-year-old woman and her husband of 28 years were visiting Guam on vacation. It was the honeymoon they never got to have, a celebration of the nearly three decades of marriage. Tragically, the woman drowned while the couple were snorkeling around a reef.

The importance of safety equipment in all aquatic sports

Aquatic sports and outings are practically a way of life in Hawaii. From surfing to scuba diving, both locals and tourists love to indulge in playtime out on the waves. Part of what makes aquatic adventures so exciting is the fact that they tend to carry some degree of risk.

Safety should always come first on the water, whether you are a tourist enjoying a parasailing adventure or a Hawaiian resident who has a passion for sailing. Properly maintaining all water sports equipment is important, as is investing in adequate safety gear.

Monitoring prescriptions is critical for safety during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very uncertain time for the average mother-to-be. Especially if this is your first pregnancy, it is reasonable to be nervous about the potential outcome. Women often execute drastic lifestyle changes during their pregnancy to avoid negative outcomes. These may include changes in diet, a decision to quit smoking or even altering exercise habits.

Some of the decisions you need to make during pregnancy may seem less obvious than others. For example, there is a large number of prescription medications that are safe for women but not safe for pregnancy. Your doctor should carefully monitor the medications you take to avoid consequences to your unborn child.

What's a comparative negligence defense?

Insurance companies and defendants commonly use a defense against personal injury claims known as comparative negligence. The comparative negligence defense essentially tries to lay fault and blame for damages on the plaintiff. This absolves the defendant of liability for financial damages, or results in partial liability of the defendant.

The different types of comparative negligence defenses

Personal injuries: How to heal a broken collarbone or clavicle?

Imagine you were riding your bicycle in the countryside near Honolulu. It was a beautiful day and you were enjoying the fresh air immensely, until a speeding automobile clipped your handlebars and caused you to crash. Miraculously, you survived with only a broken collarbone. Nevertheless, the injury is extremely painful and it's going to take time to heal.

Broken collarbones, i.e., broken clavicles, are common injuries among athletes and accident victims. The clavicle is one of two thin bones on your right or left side that connect your shoulder blades with your neck. Particularly in thin people, these relatively delicate bones are easy to see. The bone is prone to breaking when an accident victim falls on his or her shoulder, hand or arm or, when something strikes the shoulder or shoulder blade directly.

Tips for staying safe while hang gliding in Hawaii

When people plan their Hawaiian vacations, they often try to include some form of adventure. Whether they want to take a helicopter ride over a volcano or try their hand at surfing, there are plenty of exhilarating options. However, any adventurous activity carries some risk of injury. It's important that tourists planning exciting activities educate themselves about basic risks and safety.

Hang gliding is a perfect example of an activity that is a lot of fun but also very risky. You can safely hang glide, but you should educate yourself about the potential risks and how to minimize them before you try your hand at flying. That way, you can enjoy your adventure without as much risk of serious injury.

Birth injuries can happen when doctors don't monitor patients

You place a lot of trust in your doctor when your pregnant. After all, your physician isn't just providing you with care. They are helping ensure that your baby also has the best possible start to life. Most of the time, doctors who work with pregnant women and deliver babies do the right thing for their patients. The average birth is uneventful and results in a healthy mother and child.

However, some doctors can end up feeling burned out or overextended by their career path. The demands of constantly tending to women going through labor may lead doctors to cut corners or disconnect from the critical nature of their job. Doctor and their support staff can fail to adequately monitor both mother and child. The end result of this oversight may be a tragic and otherwise preventable birth injury.

Mediation for personal injury cases might be an ideal solution

Personal injury cases are often hard on the complainants. Not only do they have to work on trying to heal and adjust to their new life with the injuries, they must navigate through a complex legal process. All of this can take its toll on victims. Many people in this situation just want to have everything over with as quickly as possible.

One option is to work out a settlement. This might be done through mediation sessions. Mediation is usually a faster and less expensive option than having to go through trial. Here are some points to remember about mediation and settlements:

Birth injuries blamed on widely-used epilepsy medication

Epilepsy is a difficult condition to manage, so when doctors find a medication that works, they may encourage their patients to take it — even if it comes with possible health consequences. However, the health consequences associated with one common epilepsy medication are having devastating effects on babies.

According to medical researchers, taking the epilepsy drug topiramate may increase a pregnant woman's risks of giving birth to a baby with birth injuries.