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How do I prove loss of consortium?

Maybe your spouse is suffering in the hospital after a serious car crash. Maybe your spouse is at home and permanently disabled after a catastrophic slip-and-fall event. Regardless of the situations, if your spouse was seriously hurt in an accident due to no fault of his or her own, your spouse probably isn't the only one who's suffering.

As the husband or wife of an injured spouse, you have probably lost numerous spousal benefits, like loss of affection, loss of companionship, loss of spousal services and other types of losses. Having suffered these losses of spousal benefits, you may have the right to pursue financial claims against the party at fault for the accident.

The hang-ten tips to prevent surfer injuries

Surfers come from around the world to Hawaii to enjoy the awesome waves, the spectacular scenery and the peaceful, tropical ambiance. They don't come to get injured, they come to hang ten!

However, if surfers aren't careful, their dream vacations can end in disaster. A fun time on the waves can turn into the sad end to a perfect vacation in zero seconds flat. That's why we've put together our "Hang-Ten" surfing safety tips to help you stay safe and injury free during the best vacation of your life.

4 motorcycle safety tips for bikers in Hawaii

Motorcyclists face risks and dangers every time they take to the Honolulu roads, but considering the beautiful Hawaiian vistas and the sea in your hair, perhaps these risks are worth it. That's not to say that you shouldn't do everything in your power to minimize those risks.

There's a great deal that motorcycle enthusiasts in Hawaii can do to reduce accident risks, so pay attention and keep reading.

Tricks and tips to stay safe while surfing

Surfing is a pretty safe sport for those who are strong swimmers and experienced wave riders. However, numerous vacationers come to Hawaii every year with the idea of learning the sport, and these surf ""newbies"" may be in danger of getting hurt.

You don't want a Hawaii surf vacation to get ruined by a serious accident, so make sure to review the following surf tips to stay safe on your trip.

Determining fault after a birth injury

Sometimes birth injuries happen naturally, due to genetic reasons or situations out of your medical provider's control. In other cases, birth injuries occur as the direct result of avoidable negligence.

If your baby was born with a serious birth injury, it's important to investigate the reason why. If a medical provider, doctor, hospital or company was at fault for your baby's injuries, you might be able to pursue financial compensation in court.

Dos & don’ts of choosing a safe water sports operator: Part 1

Part of vacationing in Hawaii involves spending time on the water. Whether you are planning to do some deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, water skiing, or taking a kayaking tour around the island, it is important to choose a tour operator you can trust. How can you tell if a water sports tour company is safe? Fortunately, there are several things you can do to pre-check a tour operator before booking.

Before you find yourself left behind on a scuba diving tour, follow the tips below to ensure you are booking a tour operator that is trustworthy. Choosing the right water sports company can be the difference between an unforgettable vacation and tragedy.

Dos & don’ts of choosing a safe water sports operator: Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, it is important to choose a qualified tour operator when you are going to engage in potentially dangerous recreational activities while you are on vacation. Taking a trip to Hawaii offers a multitude of options for hiking, diving, surfing and other adventures. While these types of activities always come with a measure or risk, the right tour operator can mitigate the dangers so that you can feel confident about your safety.

While it is possible that any tour company may fail in its duty and cause a client to suffer an injury due to operator negligence, you can greatly reduce the chance of such an occurrence by doing your research when you are ready to choose a water recreation tour company. Read below for additional tips to help you book with the right company.

These 3 tips can keep you safe on the sea

When you take a boat out for the afternoon, you expect to have a fun time without any threat of real danger. Unfortunately, there are many hazards on the open water, and if a boat isn't maintained well or you don't take precautions, you could fall victim to them.

What can you do to stay safe when you're taking a boat out for the day? Here are several tips that can help you prepare for heading out, whether you're on your own or traveling with friends and family.

Did you sustain serious injuries while vacationing in Hawaii?

For most people, Hawaii is a magical place, a vacation that they aspire to take some day. They imagine a beautiful, tropical paradise, full of wonder and awe-inspiring seascapes. While this is true in part, Hawaii can also be a dangerous place to visit for some. Hotels and resorts can experience maintenance issues, such as loose balcony railings or wet floors. Tours can turn ugly if there's a motor vehicle accident. There's even the risk of broken bones, paralysis or death on beaches with large waves. While good decision making can reduce these risks, the potential for serious injuries remains.

It could have been a maintenance issue with your hotel, a mistake by a tour guide or even a slippery floor after a sudden rain storm. The hotel, store, restaurant or tour company likely could have prevented your accident with better upkeep and a more proactive approach to premises liability.

Injured in Hawaii? You’ll probably settle out of court

When people suffer injuries, they have a number of options for pursuing fair compensation and the medical costs that pile up during treatment and recovery. Many people imagine the process as something very official playing out in a large courtroom, possibly because of the mountain of television shows, movies and books about lawyers winning decisive victories for their clients in court.

However, in Hawaii, the vast majority of personal injury cases resolve outside of the court. Often, settling a personal injury case outside of court is the best way, but ensuring an equitable resolution for the injured party requires an attorney with years of experience pursuing fair compensation in Hawaii's legal system.