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Tripler Army Medical Center faces $25M malpractice payout

By Web Staff (
Published: March 7, 2018, 3:27 pm
Updated: March 7, 2018, 9:40 pm

Tripler army

A record payout for a medical malpractice lawsuit in Hawaii.

A judge has ordered Tripler Army Medical center to pay nearly $25 million.

KHON2 spoke with the attorney for Marites Campano who told us a panel of medical experts testified that tripler was liable for what will be a lifetime of medical problems.

Rick Fried, the Campano family attorney, points out that of the nearly $25 million the family will get, more than $18 million will have to pay for Campano’s future medical bills.

Marites Campano went to Tripler in 2013 for what should have been a routine delivery of her baby girl. But about 14 hours after giving birth Campano showed signs of infection that was undetected.

“Basically they fell asleep. it was obvious to anyone and that’s why they ultimately admitted liability,” said Fried.

Marites had what’s known as Group A Strep infection that should have been treated right away with antibiotics and everything would have been fine.

“Unfortunately she got sicker and sicker over the next 27 to 28 hrs, until she almost died when they started treating her,” added Fried.

A whole chain of events followed that led to CAMPANO’S deteriorating health. At one point she said that she suffered from post traumatic stress after her treatments at Tripler.

KHON2 reached out to Tripler and asked about changes in protocols to help prevent this from happening again and if it plans to appeal the judge’s ruling

‘The kidneys shut down. she’s been hospitalized some five times since the first hospitalization for various kidney related issues and has had a variety of times when she’s had to have excess fluid withdrawn by way of needles,” said Fried.

The family has since moved to San Diego where her husband is stationed as a Navy lieutenant. They have three children.

The attorney pointed out that more than 18 million dollars is slated to pay for Campano’s future hospital visits, dialysis and possibly another kidney transplant

She already received one but there’s the likelihood that the kidney would fail in about seven years.