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February 2016 Archives

Center of Auto Safety says Chrysler Jeeps are defective products

When consumers in Hawaii are injured or killed through normal use of purchased products, civil lawsuits against those believed responsible are often commenced. Approximately three years ago, Fiat Chrysler issued a recall on more than a million Jeeps. The vehicles were alleged to be defective products because of an apparent propensity to catch fire in collisions. A safety advocate recently requested government intervention regarding  rear-crash fires and fatalities that have taken place since the recall.

Parents of medical school graduate sue re fatal medical error

The family of a 26-year-old medical school graduate had just celebrated the young doctor's recent accomplishments when a tragedy occurred that has led her parents to file a lawsuit against a medical center in a state outside Hawaii. Their claim states that a fatal medical error caused them to suffer the untimely death of their daughter. She was apparently planning to begin a residency program in pediatrics when all went wrong.

Speed and drugs factor in many fatal car accidents in Hawaii

Motor vehicle collisions that result in serious injuries or death are tragic and often devastating for the families of those involved. Driving at excessive speeds and drug use are among the most common leading factors in fatal car accidents in Hawaii and throughout the nation. Grieving families are left to pick up the pieces, which often include tremendous financial expenses that they may not be prepared to pay. 

Adoptive parents say child's personal injury caused by negligence

Adoptive parents in a state outside Hawaii recently filed a legal claim on behalf of their 3-year-old son. They seek a monetary judgment against several members of hospital staff, alleging that they are responsible for their child's personal injury. The situation began in 2012 when the child was born and was transferred to a children's hospital after his birth mother allegedly tested positive for illegal drugs.

Man and his wife claim medical negligence against municipality

A recent claim was filed against a municipality, alleging that a man received substandard and inadequate care while being held in a county jail. The man's wife has joined in the claim against a sheriff, several deputies and various medical personnel. The negligence claim was filed in a state outside Hawaii, and the couple is seeking compensatory damages.

Reckless drivers continue to cause accidents on Hawaii roads

All motorists are obligated to adhere to traffic regulations and conduct themselves with caution while driving. Reckless drivers in Hawaii and elsewhere continue to plague roadways, placing all who travel at risk. Often, careless behavior behind the wheel of a motor vehicle results in an accident that causes injury to one or more innocent victims.

Defective products may be among shelf items in Hawaii stores

When a manufacturer or sales distributor knowingly places products into the hands of consumers that contain inherent risks in using them or are defective in some way, they may be financially responsible when consumers suffer adverse effects from normal usage of such products. Defective products may be on the shelves in various stores in Hawaii. Understandably, consumers will typically want to remain abreast of current news involving reported injuries or lawsuits concerning such items.

Seeking justice against reckless drivers in Hawaii

Learning that a loved one has been killed in a car accident is certainly one of the most tragic events that an individual can experience in life. Reckless drivers are responsible for many such deaths in Hawaii and throughout the nation. It is understandable that family members would want those whose recklessness has caused them to suffer the untimely death of a loved one to be brought to justice through the civil court system.