Parents of medical school graduate sue re fatal medical error

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2016 | Medical Malpractice |

The family of a 26-year-old medical school graduate had just celebrated the young doctor’s recent accomplishments when a tragedy occurred that has led her parents to file a lawsuit against a medical center in a state outside Hawaii. Their claim states that a fatal medical error caused them to suffer the untimely death of their daughter. She was apparently planning to begin a residency program in pediatrics when all went wrong.

The recently graduated doctor was taken to a county hospital where, according to her parents’ legal claim, staff members failed to properly diagnose her condition. Tests performed shortly after she was brought to the hospital allegedly suggested internal bleeding, and the patient reportedly complained of a history of severe headaches. The couple’s attorney has stated that the doctor’s condition presented symptoms typically associated with a blood clot that should have been easily diagnosed and treated. Sadly, it appears that since no such diagnosis was made, nor appropriate treatment given, the patient died 18 days later.

The attorney representing the decedent’s parents has accused the medical center of knowing and reckless indifference. He said that the patient’s condition was easily diagnosable and that the actions of medical staff were reprehensible and beyond ordinary negligence. The lawsuit, filed after the 2013 tragedy, is set for trial in the near future.

A family who has suffered the death of a loved one in Hawaii due to a fatal medical error is able to pursue justice by filing a legal claim in a civil court. A personal injury attorney experienced in handling medical malpractice claims would be able to help determine all possible sources of liability that may be connected to the death. An attorney can also aggressively litigate the claim on behalf of a grieving family in order to seek a monetary judgment against those deemed responsible from the court.

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