Center of Auto Safety says Chrysler Jeeps are defective products

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2016 | Product Liability |

When consumers in Hawaii are injured or killed through normal use of purchased products, civil lawsuits against those believed responsible are often commenced. Approximately three years ago, Fiat Chrysler issued a recall on more than a million Jeeps. The vehicles were alleged to be defective products because of an apparent propensity to catch fire in collisions. A safety advocate recently requested government intervention regarding  rear-crash fires and fatalities that have taken place since the recall.

An estimated 86 deaths have occurred in Jeep fires since Fiat Chrysler’s initial recall. The company ordered repairs on the Jeeps, but a spokesman from the non-profit Center of Auto Safety said the repairs were not effective. He claims the Jeeps are not safe and wants the government to reinvestigate the issue so that no more lives are lost.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has fined Fiat Chrysler $175 million over the past two years for failure to report deaths and known defects and for not addressing recall issues in an expeditious manner. The auto company has stated that its Jeeps are safe and that the accident deaths were caused by driver negligence. However, the son of one couple killed in a rear-end Jeep collision has filed a civil lawsuit, claiming that his parents were never informed by Fiat Chrysler that their vehicle was part of the recall.

Defective products of all kinds can pose serious hazards to consumers. Families in Hawaii and elsewhere have been devastated by accidents caused through typical usage of motor vehicles with design flaws, toxic products and other deficiencies that should never have been placed into the hands of consumers. Anyone considering filing a legal claim regarding such matters can begin the process by contacting an experienced product liability attorney in the area.

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