Defective products may be among shelf items in Hawaii stores

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2016 | Product Liability |

When a manufacturer or sales distributor knowingly places products into the hands of consumers that contain inherent risks in using them or are defective in some way, they may be financially responsible when consumers suffer adverse effects from normal usage of such products. Defective products may be on the shelves in various stores in Hawaii. Understandably, consumers will typically want to remain abreast of current news involving reported injuries or lawsuits concerning such items.

One company that has been selling hair care products since 1987 has found itself named in a class action lawsuit. Consumers who have used “Just for Men” products claim that repeated usage has caused them to suffer a variety of injuries, including burns and scarring. Some of those allegedly injured by the products have even gone into anaphylactic shock.

The class action proceeding claims that those named as defendants failed in their duty to warn potential customers about risks and possible negative effects associated with normal usage of the hair care products. The consumers filing the lawsuit request that the court find the defendants negligent and accountable for unfair, unlawful and fraudulent behavior. More than 100 plaintiffs are included in the legal claim connected with injuries from use of the hair dyes.

In a successfully litigated claim against manufacturers of defective products, a Hawaiian court may order compensation for damages. Depending upon the severity of an injury, a victim is sometimes met with undue financial burden brought on by continued medical care or other costs associated with recovery. This type of debt may be alleviated by the funds received pursuant to a monetary judgment.

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