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April 2015 Archives

Some Hawaii cars might be subject of defective products lawsuits

When Hawaii residents, as well as those in all other states, are injured through the normal usage of a purchased product, they may have cause to file a product liability claim in a civil court. Manufacturers, as well as all parties within the distribution chain of a product are legally responsible for placing products that are safe to use into the hands of consumers. Defective products sometimes lead to severe illness, injury or even death.

Adult children of decedent claim negligence led to mother's death

In Hawaii and other states, elderly citizens sometimes find themselves in need of assistance from professional medical or nursing care staffs. Adult children are often responsible for the care of an elderly parent and do their best to ensure that their mother or father is receiving quality and appropriate care. There are some instances, however, when adult children claim that their parents have become victims of caretaker negligence, sometimes with tragic results.

Reckless drivers pose risks to Hawaii pedestrians

In multiple unrelated accidents, pedestrians in Hawaii have been harmed by motorists. Reckless drivers place themselves and all others at risk, whether those others are also operating motor vehicles or merely standing on a sidewalk. Tragically, more than one of the recent incidents resulted in fatalities.

Driver negligence a suspected factor in some Hawaii car accidents

Students, parents and staff of a Honolulu school are mourning the unexpected loss of an alumnus in a fatal motor vehicle accident. The Saint Francis community said that the graduate's death brings significant grief, especially given the fact that two of her younger siblings are current students at the school. Some Hawaii car accidents are due to driver negligence and, in this case, witness reports indicate that the driver might have been distracted after dropping a cellphone in the moments just prior to the crash.

Ground-breaking technology could reduce surgical errors in Hawaii

A person undergoing surgery or receiving some other form of professional medical care typically assumes that safety measures and protocol will be followed in such a way so as to avoid unnecessary mistakes on the part of medical staff. A recent article gave detailed information on promising new technology that could help prevent surgical errors in Hawaii hospitals and others throughout the nation. The technology was recently tested in clinical trials and was developed by researchers from one of the nation's most prestigious hospitals.

Car accidents in Hawaii sometimes involve medical episodes

Decisions made in the immediate aftermath of an accident are sometimes determined by certain details regarding circumstances occurring in the moments just prior to a crash. Car accidents in Hawaii sometimes involve medical episodes suffered by a driver shortly before a collision occurs. When a person has been injured due to a driver who has undergone a medical episode at the time of the incident, he or she may still be able to seek compensation for damages. This may depend upon the other driver's prior knowledge of the medical condition.

Brad Pitt involved in liability suit for defective products

A manufacturing company outside the state of Hawaii that allegedly sold wood to a group that was helping to rebuild homes destroyed during a hurricane has been named in a lawsuit filed by a community service foundation. The claim alleges the the company knowingly sold defective products that were to be used in the reconstruction effort. The Make It Right Foundation, the charitable effort of popular Hollywood movie star Brad Pitt, has filed the legal claim against the timber company.

Patient sues over medical professional negligence

Medical patients, including those in Hawaii, have the right to expect appropriate care when being treated by medical staff. Those who suffer injury or illness deemed to have been caused by medical professional negligence have the right to pursue formal litigation in a civil court in order to seek compensation for damages. A recent case involved a patient who claims that her ankle was permanently disfigured and disabled by a physician's failure to treat an infection that occurred after surgery.

Hawaii truck accidents can quickly turn fatal

In a recent Hawaii tragedy, power lines had to be cut in order for rescue workers to gain access to a trapped victim following an accident. Truck accidents, such as the one in this case, sometimes lead to serious injuries or deaths. Although several who were involved miraculously escaped injury, one man was killed in the crash.

Hawaii patients should be aware of alleged defective products

When patients go to medical facilities to undergo what should be routine medical procedures, leaving the facilities with life-threatening infections are likely the last things they expect. Unfortunately, a number of patients at hospitals both in and outside of Hawaii fall ill each year due to defective products. Now, one man who believes he is a victim of a defective medical product is suing the medical device's manufacturer.