Driver negligence a suspected factor in some Hawaii car accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Students, parents and staff of a Honolulu school are mourning the unexpected loss of an alumnus in a fatal motor vehicle accident. The Saint Francis community said that the graduate’s death brings significant grief, especially given the fact that two of her younger siblings are current students at the school. Some Hawaii car accidents are due to driver negligence and, in this case, witness reports indicate that the driver might have been distracted after dropping a cellphone in the moments just prior to the crash.

A memorial has been planned at the school to honor the 19-year-old who was killed in the recent Wednesday tragedy. The accident occurred when the driver of the vehicle in which the young woman was traveling as a passenger reportedly careened into a utility pole after losing steering control. Police reports indicate that excessive speed was a factor in the crash. Police also stated that they are investigating the possibility of drug and/or alcohol use in relation to the accident.

A religious sister who is a staff member at the school said that she often reminds students to remain focused when operating a motor vehicle and never to become distracted while driving. She said that she tells students how precious life is and that they must be 100 percent focused behind the wheel. Police have launched a negligent homicide investigation in this case.

Car accidents in Hawaii that result in the untimely deaths of loved ones through the wrongful actions or negligence of another driver sometimes result in the filing of a wrongful death claim in a civil court. Though no amount of formal litigation can remove the sorrow and grief families experience in their loved ones’ deaths, it might offer some measure of comfort to know that compensation can be sought for damages relating to the tragedy. Those considering filing a claim will want to gather as much information and as many details as they can with regard to the circumstances that led to their family member’s death in order to help them prepare for a potential litigation case.

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