Some Hawaii cars might be subject of defective products lawsuits

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2015 | Product Liability |

When Hawaii residents, as well as those in all other states, are injured through the normal usage of a purchased product, they may have cause to file a product liability claim in a civil court. Manufacturers, as well as all parties within the distribution chain of a product are legally responsible for placing products that are safe to use into the hands of consumers. Defective products sometimes lead to severe illness, injury or even death.

A recent update was given with regard to a well-publicized auto manufacturing recall that occurred in 2014. Multiple claimants have alleged that the manufacturer has been well aware of its defective automobile for as long as 10 years, yet it did not issue a formal recall of the product until last year. The product named in the lawsuits is a General Motors Chevy Cobalt. Apparently, the ignition is said to switch off unexpectedly while the motor is running, causing the vehicle to stall and placing drivers at extreme risk for collisions.

According to the recently published data, more than 90 families who suffered the untimely deaths of loved ones in accidents alleged to have been caused by the defective General Motors Cobalt ignition switches have been awarded compensation of an undisclosed amount from the car manufacturer. Reportedly, additional compensation is to be awarded to 163 other people who were injured in similar collisions involving the same product. Reports indicate that more than 4, 342 claims have been filed in conjunction with the allegedly defective ignition switches.

Any Hawaii resident who believes that he or she has suffered injury due to an auto manufacturing malfunction or other defective products may have grounds for filing a product liability suit in a civil court. Doing so sometimes leads to compensation for damages sustained during  or after accidents resulting from the normal usage of purchased products. Severe injuries, illnesses and even death may result from a poorly designed product, and those who have placed such items into the hands of consumers may be held legally accountable for negligence and/or breach of warranty.

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