Brad Pitt involved in liability suit for defective products

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A manufacturing company outside the state of Hawaii that allegedly sold wood to a group that was helping to rebuild homes destroyed during a hurricane has been named in a lawsuit filed by a community service foundation. The claim alleges the the company knowingly sold defective products that were to be used in the reconstruction effort. The Make It Right Foundation, the charitable effort of popular Hollywood movie star Brad Pitt, has filed the legal claim against the timber company.

The company in question is said to have sold defective wood that was to be used for building stairs and decks in homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Pitt’s non-profit foundation has alleged that the wood products began to rot prematurely though the company had issued a 40-year guarantee on the goods. The lawsuit accuses the manufacturer of misrepresentation, deception and breach of warranty.

According to reports, residents in the dozens of homes that incorporated the glass-infused wood into their rebuilding projects made complaints that all of the homes exhibited signs of decay and rot where the products had been used. A spokesmen for the foundation noted that the company advertises a guaranteed product that uses no toxic ingredients. He further stated that this was the reason the foundation chose the company to provide its product for their projects.

In Hawaii and elsewhere, a manufacturer’s breach of warranty or willful misrepresentation of defective products are grounds for filing a product liability suit in a civil court. Additionally, rotting and decaying wood associated with defective products, such as those mentioned in this case, cause a potential safety and health hazard to homeowners. Retribution may be sought for compensatory damages associated with consumer use of misrepresented products, as well as for any injury or illness that results from use of defective products. Typically, contacting a legal professional for a case evaluation and to determine available options is a logical step to take when considering filing a claim.

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