Hawaii patients should be aware of alleged defective products

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When patients go to medical facilities to undergo what should be routine medical procedures, leaving the facilities with life-threatening infections are likely the last things they expect. Unfortunately, a number of patients at hospitals both in and outside of Hawaii fall ill each year due to defective products. Now, one man who believes he is a victim of a defective medical product is suing the medical device’s manufacturer.

In a recent case, a 76-year-old male patient claimed that he suffered a drug-resistant super infection that he believes was caused by a physician’s use of an endoscopic device. He has taken formal legal action against the product’s manufacturer. Officials at the medical center where he was treated have admitted that seven different patients became ill with carbapenem-resistant enterobacteria infections as a result of endoscopies performed at the facility. Sadly, two of those patients did not survive the infections.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning against the use of the medical device, stating that its complex design is not conducive to proper cleaning. Reports indicate that hospital staff informed 172 previously treated patients that they may have been exposed to the bacteria and issued those patients special take-home kits to test for the presence of the illness. Four other former patients of the medical facility were said to be carrying the disease but not facing an immediate risk, according to a spokeswoman from the facility.

More than likely, the alleged defective products could be in use at any number of medical centers and hospitals, including some in Hawaii. Any patient who believes that he or she has contracted an illness related to the use of this or another suspected defective product has the right to file a personal injury claim in a civil court. By law, manufacturers who place defective or potentially dangerous products into the hands of consumers can be held liable for injuries, illnesses or deaths related to normal use of such products.

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