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March 2016 Archives

Failure to yield causes many car accidents in Hawaii

All motorists are obligated to adhere to traffic signs and regulations to protect themselves and others sharing the roadways. In Hawaii, many car accidents occur when drivers fail to yield rights of way to other motorists. One such accident seems to have occurred in Jan. 2016 that resulted in the loss of a man's life.

Pursuing justice regarding medical malpractice in Hawaii

Substandard medical care remains problematic in Hawaii and throughout the nation. Countless victims have suffered personal injuries due to medical malpractice in situations that may have been prevented had staff members been more diligent. When a patient has trusted doctors, nurses and/or other medical professionals to provide safe and thorough care and serious errors are made that result in injury or illness, justice can be sought through the legal system.

Possible hospital negligence places far too many patients at risk

In Hawaii and throughout the nation, hospital officials are obligated to use every means possible to ensure the safety of employees, patients and visitors. Hospital negligence is problematic in many areas, often resulting in serious injury or illness to those placed at risk through procedures conducted in substandard ways. A recent class action lawsuit was filed against a hospital in another state claiming that officials were negligent in their hiring practices, thus potentially placing thousands of patients in danger.

Defective products may place Hawaiian children in danger

Parents traveling by vehicle with children obviously want to keep their kids safe on the road. Many Hawaiian parents, like those in other states, have been instructed to place children in the rear seat of a vehicle for maximum safety. An apparent ongoing problem has gained media attention regarding children who were properly restrained in backseats but suffered serious injuries because of allegedly defective products in some vehicles.

Suspected defective products leading factors in cancer deaths

Going up against a huge corporation in a wrongful death lawsuit is not an easy thing to do. The situation will likely be very stressful to those who have already suffered the devastating losses of loved ones. However, in Hawaii and all other states, the law protects those whose family members have died due to defective products by allowing them to seek full monetary recovery for their losses in civil court.

Estate administrator takes legal action re nursing negligence

In Hawaii, when a death is caused by another party's negligence, the victim's estate  is able to take legal action on behalf of the decedent. This seems to be the case after a recent death that was allegedly connected to negligence in a nursing home. A man was apparently admitted to the facility in 2014 without any signs of skin injuries or disease; that reportedly changed greatly over the next months.

Understanding the claims process after car accidents in Hawaii

Even when a motorist acts with utmost caution behind the wheel, another driver's negligence can still cause a collision. Car accidents in Hawaii often result in legal claims being filed in civil court. The claims process can be complicated and difficult for someone with little or no legal background.

Birth injury leaves child unable to see, walk, talk or eat

It is difficult to fathom the devastation experienced by a family whose child has been injured at birth due to medical negligence. What should have been a joyful and exciting event becomes a tragedy that has life-long impact. In Hawaii and all other states, a parent whose infant has suffered a birth injury because of a doctor's negligence can seek justice on behalf of the child by filing a legal claim in civil court.

Parents lose custody, then sue Children's Hospital for negligence

Parents in Hawaii, like those in other states, have the right to pursue legal action on behalf of their minor aged children. This is especially pertinent to those whose children have suffered from medical negligence. A recent situation in a Northeastern state made news headlines as horrified parents fought for their daughter to be released from court-ordered state custody.

Johnson & Johnson to pay liability for defective products

Legal claims filed in Hawaii often include allegations regarding adverse effects suffered by consumers after using store-bought products. When defective products cause injury or illness, a consumer may seek compensation for damages in a civil court as many have done in recent cases against the company, Johnson & Johnson. When considering filing a claim, one will first want to identify all possible sources of liability in the situation.