Suspected defective products leading factors in cancer deaths

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Going up against a huge corporation in a wrongful death lawsuit is not an easy thing to do. The situation will likely be very stressful to those who have already suffered the devastating losses of loved ones. However, in Hawaii and all other states, the law protects those whose family members have died due to defective products by allowing them to seek full monetary recovery for their losses in civil court.

The widow of a farmer is fighting for justice against the agriculture giant, Monsanto. Her husband died of cancer that she says is directly related to his long-term use of Roundup weed-killer on his farm. The woman’s claim states that Monsanto was well aware of the dangers associated with use of Roundup, including its risk for causing cancer.

It is believed that exposure to a main ingredient in Roundup, which is glyphosate, causes cancer and other serious injuries and illnesses. The woman’s husband had used the herbicide for more than 30 years on his vegetable and fruit farm, which spanned 20 acres. After going to the hospital because lymph nodes in his neck were swollen, the man was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Though the man ceased his use of Monsanto’s Roundup product when he learned that glyphosate was a known cancer-causing agent, the disease had apparently already progressed too far. The 69-year-old farmer died in December 2015. Like his widow, any immediate family member in Hawaii who suspects that a loved one’s death was caused by defective products can seek justice on behalf of the victim with the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney.

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