Possible hospital negligence places far too many patients at risk

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2016 | Medical Malpractice |

In Hawaii and throughout the nation, hospital officials are obligated to use every means possible to ensure the safety of employees, patients and visitors. Hospital negligence is problematic in many areas, often resulting in serious injury or illness to those placed at risk through procedures conducted in substandard ways. A recent class action lawsuit was filed against a hospital in another state claiming that officials were negligent in their hiring practices, thus potentially placing thousands of patients in danger.

At the center of the situation is a man who was apparently hired as a surgical technician. Court records have provided information that suggests the hospital was well aware that the man carried a blood-borne pathogen. The class action suit states that thousands of patients were placed at risk for viruses like Hepatitis C and HIV.

Reportedly, the same man is also accused of stealing a syringe containing fentanyl from an operating room at the Colorado hospital. It seems his past includes similar instances, made evident by four other hospital employment terminations and a court martial by the U.S. Navy. The claim against the Colorado hospital states that it should be held legally accountable for ignoring all of the warning signs that were present at the time of the man’s hiring.

There have been other instances in Hawaii and beyond where groups of people have joined in filing class action lawsuits for hospital negligence. Obviously, such an action is a serious undertaking that could prove legally complicated. It is advisable that anyone considering joining a class action or similar lawsuit secure experienced legal guidance in the matter.

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