Johnson & Johnson to pay liability for defective products

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2016 | Product Liability |

Legal claims filed in Hawaii often include allegations regarding adverse effects suffered by consumers after using store-bought products. When defective products cause injury or illness, a consumer may seek compensation for damages in a civil court as many have done in recent cases against the company, Johnson & Johnson. When considering filing a claim, one will first want to identify all possible sources of liability in the situation.

A recent jury trial was held in another state that involved at least 60 consolidated cases. In particular, one plaintiff’s claim was on behalf of a 62-year-old woman, who recently died of ovarian cancer. She had claimed that she used Johnson & Johnson talcum powders for 35 years and believed the products were hazardous to her health. The lawsuit stated that the company should be held accountable because it knew that its products were dangerous and failed to warn consumers.

Apparently, the prosecution revealed a document during the trial that proved Johnson & Johnson was aware of the potential cancer-causing risks associated with its talcum products. The court issued a monetary judgment against the company for $75 million. Reportedly, several hundred similar lawsuits are pending.

Manufacturers and sales companies are required by law to properly label their products to warn customers of any potential hazards present in the normal use of the products. Depending upon the circumstances of an individual situation, very serious injuries, illness, or, even death can occur when companies fail in their responsibilities to inform the public. Anyone in Hawaii with questions or concerns about how to file a defective products claim may contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss the matter.

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