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March 2015 Archives

Fatal medical error alleged to have caused veteran's death

In Hawaii and all other states, it is considered medical malpractice when a hospital patient suffers injury, illness or death due to negligence, mistakes or other wrongful actions on the part of medical staff. A fatal medical error is alleged to have caused the recent death of a military veteran. The decedent's family has pursued legal action against the hospital where the death of their loved one occurred.

Car accidents sometimes bring devastation to families in Hawaii

Family members of a victim from a recent fatal accident in Hawaii recently lamented the unexpected loss of their loved one. The stepfather of the victim said that he is saddened by car accidents that involve alcohol and driving at excessive speeds and suspects that the recent tragedy might have involved both. Another vehicle occupant survived the accident but suffered serious injuries.

Hawaii residents should be aware of defective products lawsuits

In Hawaii and throughout the nation, manufacturers and vendors can be held liable for injury, illness or death suffered by a consumer who has used a flawed product. Responsibility for placing defective products into the hands of consumers lies with all parties within the distribution chain. Recently, a family has accepted a new settlement from an automobile manufacturing company blamed for producing a vehicle with a reportedly flawed ignition system.

Hawaii car accidents sometimes involve stalled vehicles

Details surrounding a recent Sunday collision are still being scrutinized by police. Authorities in Hawaii sometimes find a need for ongoing investigations in the aftermath of some car accidents. Such was the case in the recent crash which occurred on the H-3 freeway.

Company sued for defective products that might cause burns

In Hawaii and all the other 49 states, a manufacturer or seller can be held liable when it places a product into the hands of a consumer that causes injury or illness. A recent lawsuit against a company that manufactures microwaves claims that the defective products are a hazard to consumers' safety. The issue at hand involves the design of the product's handle.

Woman claims nurses in a rush caused her overdose

Medical malpractice remains an issue in Hawaii and throughout the nation. Professional negligence, surgical errors and misdiagnoses are among the common causes of injuries to patients, worsened medical conditions and deaths. One woman recently claimed that her trip to the emergency room was prompted by an overdose dispensed by a nurse through her intravenous line.

Alcohol consumption can lead to Hawaii car accidents

The legal level of blood alcohol content for operating a motor vehicle in Hawaii is .08 percent. Car accidents that result in serious injuries and/or death often occur when drivers disregard traffic laws. A 27-year-old woman remains in critical condition due to a recent accident caused by an alleged drunk driver.

Lack of protection might lead to nursing home injury

A university study has claimed that residential violence is on the rise in some assisted-living establishments, particularly in places where staff numbers are low and the educational level of staff is considered lacking. Those in Hawaii who are planning to move a loved one into a nursing home may want to investigate the issue further before choosing a facility because of the rise in violence. For example, one female resident suffered a nursing home injury in Feb. 2013 when another patient gained access to her room.