Hawaii car accidents sometimes involve stalled vehicles

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Details surrounding a recent Sunday collision are still being scrutinized by police. Authorities in Hawaii sometimes find a need for ongoing investigations in the aftermath of some car accidents. Such was the case in the recent crash which occurred on the H-3 freeway.

A local resident who witnessed the incident said that he cannot recall ever having seen such a bad accident. According to police, a small sports vehicle apparently became stalled and was stuck in the left lane. An approaching pickup truck is said to have crashed into the rear of the stalled vehicle.

The accident prompted a need for the roads to be shut down while police began their investigation at the scene. The sports car is reported to have been extremely damaged in the crash. The entire front end of the car was smashed as far back as the windshield. Two occupants of the small vehicle, a man and woman, were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of critical injuries. No information regarding the condition of the other driver was made available to the public.

Residents in Hawaii who are injured in car accidents due to the fault of other drivers are entitled to pursue litigation in a civil court by filing personal injury claims. Ongoing medical treatment, loss of wages and recovery costs often bring unexpected financial burdens to an injured accident victim. It will be necessary to establish negligence by appropriate evidence in court. Any compensation awarded in favor of a filed claim would most likely help to alleviate financial stress by absorbing some of the costs and other financial losses.

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