Company sued for defective products that might cause burns

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2015 | Product Liability |

In Hawaii and all the other 49 states, a manufacturer or seller can be held liable when it places a product into the hands of a consumer that causes injury or illness. A recent lawsuit against a company that manufactures microwaves claims that the defective products are a hazard to consumers’ safety. The issue at hand involves the design of the product’s handle.

The maker of the appliance distributes its wares for sale throughout the nation. The microwaves are designed to be installed over a stove. They are designed with handles made of stainless steel. It is the handle, according to the lawsuit, that poses a potential danger to consumers who use the product.

The Electrolux microwave handle can apparently heat to more than 168 degrees when the stove below the microwave is in use. The dangerously hot handles have allegedly caused burn injuries to consumers. The lawsuit further claims that the company was made aware of the product’s defect but failed to take any steps to issue a recall. Some consumers who have requested refunds for their appliances have allegedly been denied their requests. 

Any Hawaii resident who believes he or she has been injured while using a defective product may file a product liability case in court in order to seek compensation. Thousands of injuries are reported in the United States each year as having been caused by dangerous or defective products. Contacting a legal professional to request an evaluation of one’s case can help one to understand all available options.

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