Alcohol consumption can lead to Hawaii car accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2015 | Car Accidents |

The legal level of blood alcohol content for operating a motor vehicle in Hawaii is .08 percent. Car accidents that result in serious injuries and/or death often occur when drivers disregard traffic laws. A 27-year-old woman remains in critical condition due to a recent accident caused by an alleged drunk driver.

The young woman was a pedestrian. According to reports, a 53-year-old man struck her with his vehicle, in addition to crashing into four cars that were parked on the roadside. Responding paramedics transported the woman to an area hospital for emergency care. Her condition was listed as serious.

Witnesses to the incident claimed that the man fled from the scene after hitting the pedestrian. Police said later that they pursued the man and found him at a location close to his place of residence. The man now faces several formal charges, including failing to render aid at the scene of an accident, driving while intoxicated and causing injury by negligence.

The law permits those who are injured in Hawaii car accidents due to the wrongful actions of other drivers to file personal injury claims in civil court. Consulting a legal team with experience in litigating personal injury cases could benefit a victim as he or she determines the validity of a lawsuit. Some injuries often require ongoing medical care and/or prevent the injured party from performing his or her duties in the workplace. Any compensation awarded by the court could be used to alleviate the burden of lost wages, as well as absorb costs resulting from medical treatment.

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