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January 2015 Archives

Alleged defective products blamed for serious burns

Anywhere there is a household, there is usually trash as well. Some Hawaii residents, as in other states, might choose to use a burn barrel as a means for the disposal of garbage. Few would expect to suffer a serious injury while performing the common, everyday task of trash removal. This is just what happened to one man, however, who claims that defective products caused him to suffer serious burns while getting rid of his trash.

Lawsuit alleges hospital negligence as cause of birth injury

Giving birth to a baby is often said to be one of the most wonderful experiences life has to offer. Unfortunately, on occasion, everything during the labor and delivery process does not go as smoothly as planned. Still, even when a child is born with special challenges or physical disabilities, parents are known to revel in the joyous addition to their family. However, when those ailments or injuries are due to hospital negligence, as is alleged in one case outside Hawaii, parents might unexpectedly find themselves in need of legal representation.

Mistakes apparent cause of illnesses and death; FDA steps in

The suffering or loss of a loved one understandably brings grief and sorrow to all involved. When illness or death is thought to be caused by mistakes or medical negligence, frustration or even anger can sometimes accompany the sadness. Hawaii residents who believe that they have suffered illness or that a family member has died due to an apparent fault in the medical care he or she received are eligible to pursue consultation with a professional legal team experienced in medical malpractice claims in order to determine whether legal action would seem prudent in their case.

Medical mistakes lead to stiff penalties for hospitals

A string of both prestigious and lesser-known medical facilities were penalized recently, losing a full percentage of their Medicare reimbursements. The penalties were issued due to apparent medical mistakes which the federal government claims were avoidable. More than 271 medical centers outside the state of Hawaii were deemed to have much higher error rates than other facilities in 2013.

Hawaii residents and others cautious of medical mistakes

Just into the new year, many people across the nation continue to be focused on their desire for good health. A common thought among  many is that the care provided by the nation's myriad medical facilities and health professionals stands in need of improvement. Patients throughout the country, including some in Hawaii, have taken matters into their own hands by being on the alert for medical mistakes which can have an adverse affect on a person's health.

Wrongful death suit claims cafe's inadequate security at fault

Date nights and social events "on the town" are cultural norms of society in the United States. Hawaii, in particular, is known for attracting tourists and has many restaurants, pubs and cafes on its islands. Patrons typically assume that the owners of the premises they are visiting have taken measures to keep their customers safe. In fact, inadequate security could be reason enough to file a lawsuit if a customer were injured or killed due to lack of safety precautions on the part of the business owner.

Woman claims defective products caused chemical burn to her skin

Doing laundry might be seen as one of the most common, mundane tasks involved in the upkeep of a home. One might not expect that defective products could cause personal injury while performing this basic household task. Recently, a woman outside the state of Hawaii made just such a claim, alleging that a faulty design in a laundry detergent pod caused a chemical burn to her breast.

Car accidents in Hawaii bring tragedy to the new year

For some, the start of the new year has been wrought with sorrow and suffering due to the injury or unexpected death of a loved one. Hawaii residents who are involved in car accidents might find themselves in stressful circumstances and could benefit by consulting a professional legal team experienced in litigating personal injury and wrongful death claims. Many times, personal losses due to injury or the death of a family member can cause mounting financial burdens to those involved. A successful claim filed in a court of law might result in a monetary judgment against any party found liable, providing reimbursement for medical bills, funeral expenses. and/or other documented losses.

Do companies like Uber increase risk of car accidents?

Many Hawaii readers may be familiar with Uber, a company that matches individuals who need a ride with private drivers who are willing to use their personal vehicles as a taxi. The concept has taken off in recent years, and Uber drivers can be found in virtually every major city within the nation, in addition to metropolitan areas throughout the world. While Uber and its competitors are enjoying a great deal of success in the transportation market, many fear that the scheduling aspects of these companies can sharply increase the risk of car accidents.