Alleged defective products blamed for serious burns

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2015 | Product Liability |

Anywhere there is a household, there is usually trash as well. Some Hawaii residents, as in other states, might choose to use a burn barrel as a means for the disposal of garbage. Few would expect to suffer a serious injury while performing the common, everyday task of trash removal. This is just what happened to one man, however, who claims that defective products caused him to suffer serious burns while getting rid of his trash.

The man has filed a lawsuit against “Walmart.” Reports state that the gentleman purchased a gas can from one of the retail giant’s stores, intending to use it to pour fuel into a trash-burning barrel at his residence. The can is said to have exploded while he was carrying out this task, causing him to suffer burns over more than 50 percent of his body.

A Walmart spokesman noted that the company requires all products to meet  applicable safety standards. Data suggests that another company, which produced the gas can, closed its business doors supposedly due to multiple lawsuits of the same nature. The man in this case is asking the court for $13 million in damages.

In Hawaii and in every state, companies can potentially be held liable if they have sold defective products to a consumer and the reasonable use of such products is proved to have caused an injury. This applies to others in the consumer supply chain as well. It is sometimes difficult to determine culpability since each case involves unique circumstances. Typically, it is prudent to consult a legal team in order  to determine the viability of pursuing litigation to seek financial relief for personal suffering and other damages endured because of such an injury.

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