Lawsuit alleges hospital negligence as cause of birth injury

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Giving birth to a baby is often said to be one of the most wonderful experiences life has to offer. Unfortunately, on occasion, everything during the labor and delivery process does not go as smoothly as planned. Still, even when a child is born with special challenges or physical disabilities, parents are known to revel in the joyous addition to their family. However, when those ailments or injuries are due to hospital negligence, as is alleged in one case outside Hawaii, parents might unexpectedly find themselves in need of legal representation.

Seven years ago, one couple welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world. That same couple now seeks $40 million in damages, claiming that their son’s neurological disorder was caused by oxygen deprivation suffered at the time of birth. The couple alleges that the medical staff’s errors led to the situation.

According to depositions, the mother was admitted to the hospital 15 days past her expected due date. She was given birth-inducing drugs over an extended period of time. The mother claims that medical staff instructed her to begin pushing the baby out before the baby’s head had descended to the proper position. This, she alleges, led to many more very serious complications, and ultimately ended in an emergency C-section during which the infant’s breathing became obstructed when he swallowed a thick, tarry substance known as “meconium.” This is the term for pre-birth feces, and this occurrence is common when babies undergo stress in the birth canal, causing them to defecate.

If the parents’ lawsuit is successful, the potential monetary compensation awarded could prove valuable in offsetting the tremendous mountain of medical bills often incurred by those who deal with chronic neurological disorders and other serious birth injuries. In Hawaii, a parent who suspects that hospital negligence has led to the injury of his or her child is able may wish to consult with an experienced legal team for advice. Such situations can sometimes be quite complicated, and professionals would most likely be able to assist parents as they attempt to determine the best course of action for their family.

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