Wrongful death suit claims cafe’s inadequate security at fault

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2015 | Premises Liability, Wrongful Death |

Date nights and social events “on the town” are cultural norms of society in the United States. Hawaii, in particular, is known for attracting tourists and has many restaurants, pubs and cafes on its islands. Patrons typically assume that the owners of the premises they are visiting have taken measures to keep their customers safe. In fact, inadequate security could be reason enough to file a lawsuit if a customer were injured or killed due to lack of safety precautions on the part of the business owner.

In another state, a widow of a man shot and killed in a cafe has filed a wrongful death suit in court. The shooting occurred Dec. 12. Two others were also shot, and three more were wounded in the incident. Attorneys for the woman assert that the cafe owner failed to take appropriate safety measures to secure the place of business.

It has been reported that several other violent crimes have been committed on the premises, including a shoot out in May 2014. The widow’s lawsuit seeks compensation for the personal losses that the untimely death of her husband has caused and also financial relief for lost wages, pain, suffering and medical expenses that accrued during the six days leading up to his death. Apparently, the owner of the cafe — located in Georgia — has been ordered to appear in court for alleged violations of county ordinances.

Anyone in Hawaii who believes that inadequate security on the part of a business owner has caused him or her to become the victim of a crime has the right to pursue litigation in a court of law. Depending upon the circumstances, various aspects of personal injury law are likely pertinent to the case. Seeking legal advice from an experienced professional would be a logical first step in the decision making process.

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