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August 2014 Archives

Women claim medical malpractice took loved one's life

When people lose their lives as a result of a doctor’s error in Hawaii, the surviving family members may feel both grieved and frustrated. In one out-of-state case, a woman and her daughter have filed a suit against a clinic, alleging that medical malpractice on the clinic’s part caused their loved one to pass away. The man ended up dying of cancer that wasn't caught early enough, they claim.

An overview of what can happen in cases involving dog bites

It is not always possible to know when -- or whether -- a dog will bite you. In some cases, dog bites can cause serious injuries or even death. If an injury is serious, it may be possible to recover damages from the Hawaii resident who owns the dog that bit you.

Are you a victim of misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis?

Sadly, we often read about a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis that resulted in premature death or prolonged suffering of a patient. If serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses are not diagnosed correctly and in a timely manner, the patients may be unnecessarily exposed to prolonged periods of suffering and hospitalization -- or worse.

Car accidents in Hawaii may involve pedestrians

Car crashes involving pedestrians have an increased risk of injury or fatality. It is much more difficult for pedestrians to protect themselves from potential harm from car accidents because they are not as protected as those traveling in a vehicle. This is what police say happened to a man here in Hawaii when he was struck and killed by a passing car.

Patient's family claims surgical error led to victim's death

Surgery may be an uneasy undertaking for some patients in Hawaii, but most likely believe, that in the hands of a qualified surgeon, all will go as planned. However, when a health care provider makes a surgical error, such as failing to inform a patient of proper follow-up procedures, patients can be seriously injured. The estate of a patient who died months after surgery claims that the performing surgeon failed the victim on multiple occasions, which ultimately resulted in his death.

Failure to diagnose cancer at heart of recent lawsuit

When Hawaii residents consider the topic of medical malpractice, the focus is often on the actions taken that brought about direct harm to a patient. While this is the basis of a great many malpractice cases, it is also important to remember that the actions that medical professionals do not take can be just as damaging. One recent case gives a glimpse into what can happen when there is a serious failure to diagnose a deadly illness.

Mom blames Listeria-infected defective products for baby's death

Listeria is a dangerous illness for anyone in Hawaii and across the country. However, defective products that have been contaminated with Listeria are especially dangerous for pregnant women. Symptoms that can be experienced are similar to that of a flu. The actual infection from the illness may result in pregnancy complications, which could lead to a lawsuit citing product liability or wrongful death.

Hyundai vehicles among recent recalls of defective products

For those in Hawaii who own and drive a vehicle from Hyundai, the value of their choice is often clear. The automotive manufacturer certainly aims to please consumers, constructing their vehicles with added features and options for which many other companies charge a premium. However, with the news that the company has issued three separate recalls, some Hyundai owners are questioning whether their vehicles are built from components that may be defective products.

Reckless drivers can cause loss of life

One family is currently moving through the initial stages of grief after losing their loved one in a terrible car crash in Pearl City, Hawaii. The crash took place in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday. Upon early investigation, police believe that the driver of the vehicle struck a pole, killing the young man who was riding with him. Criminal charges in the case suggest that this incident is one of many in the area that result when reckless drivers take to the roadways.