Car accidents in Hawaii may involve pedestrians

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Car crashes involving pedestrians have an increased risk of injury or fatality. It is much more difficult for pedestrians to protect themselves from potential harm from car accidents because they are not as protected as those traveling in a vehicle. This is what police say happened to a man here in Hawaii when he was struck and killed by a passing car.

Authorities say that the crash happened on a recent evening in Kalihi Valley. A pedestrian was allegedly struck by a car driven by a 24-year-old man. The driver claims he didn’t realize he’d struck another person, though he does admit that he realized he’d struck something, and decided to pull over as a result. It is not clear whether the pedestrian died at the scene of the accident or if he had been taken to a medical facility.

Police have arrested the driver but have not disclosed the precise charges at this time. They say that the pedestrian may have been crouching in the street when the collision occurred, though they have not officially confirmed that as fact. They have reported that they do not believe that alcohol or speed contributed to the crash.

The criminal charges that the driver is facing here in Hawaii may not be the only legal matter he has to contend with. The family of the victim could decide to file a civil lawsuit in the hopes of being awarded monetary damages. To prevail, however, they will need to prove that the fatal accident was due to the driver’s negligence. Any financial judgment awarded could be useful in covering any expenses that the family may have incurred due to the crash, such as funeral costs or medical bills. Those who lose loved ones to car accidents could also benefit from a successfully litigated civil claim.

Source:, “Man dies after hit by car in Kalihi Valley“, , Aug. 21, 2014

Source:, “Man dies after hit by car in Kalihi Valley“, , Aug. 21, 2014