Mom blames Listeria-infected defective products for baby’s death

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Listeria is a dangerous illness for anyone in Hawaii and across the country. However, defective products that have been contaminated with Listeria are especially dangerous for pregnant women. Symptoms that can be experienced are similar to that of a flu. The actual infection from the illness may result in pregnancy complications, which could lead to a lawsuit citing product liability or wrongful death.

A woman believes that she consumed food that was part of a recent recall while she was pregnant. The recall was for food that had possibly been contaminated with Listeria. This particular recall affected the entire country.

Unfortunately, the woman was pregnant when she consumed this food. Her baby girl was born five weeks before the due date. The infant found it difficult to breathe and suffered from a rash. Tests were taken that showed the baby had a Listeria infection. She ended up developing Listeria Meningitis.

Less than a week later, the baby died due to Listeria Meningitis. If tests are able to establish a solid link between the baby’s death and the Listeria recall, this will be the first reported illness as well as the first death tied to the recall. The results of this test will be pertinent if the mother decides to pursue a lawsuit against the company liable for allowing Listeria-contaminated food to make its way onto the market.

Anyone who has suffered complications from Listeria, or anyone who knows a loved one who has died from what they believe to be Listeria-contaminated food, may wish to become familiar with what legal options are available to them. To bring a product liability or wrongful death case against the company liable for the contaminated food in Hawaii, it will have to be proven that the ingested food was indeed contaminated. If successful in such a defective products case, one may be able to recover monetary damages for pain and suffering, distress, medical expenses, funeral costs and even lost wages.

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