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February 2017 Archives

First pedestrian death of the year in Hawaii car accidents

Crosswalks are intended to allow pedestrians to cross streets in areas of traffic. The safety of these individuals is sometimes dependent on the awareness of nearby drivers. Many car accidents involving pedestrians end in serious injury and in some cases, death. A woman has died after a recent accident when she was run over by a tour bus in Hawaii.

Medical conditions exacerbated by defective products in Hawaii

There have been significant advancements in medical technology over recent years. Companies have developed numerous devices that aide in the treatment of various medical conditions. These are often essential for people in Hawaii who suffer serious injury, but they can create new problems if they are not manufactured and tested properly. A recent lawsuit has been filed by three parties claiming that they were implanted with defective products.

Facility facing medical malpractice after failing to locate mass

Discovering a serious health condition in a timely manner is often crucial to the outcome. Some conditions will cause the health of a patient to deteriorate if not addressed, and failure to diagnose and treat these can cause irreparable harm and, in some cases, death. Patients in Hawaii expect doctors to have the utmost diligence when performing medical evaluations. In a recent lawsuit, a woman in another state is accusing a facility of medical malpractice resulting in the death of her husband.

Car accidents involving pedestrians often end with serious injury

Many drivers attempt to be mindful of surrounding vehicles when out on the road. This type of awareness may decrease the possibility of a collision with another vehicle, but there are other areas that require attention. Many people in Hawaii choose walking as a means of travel, and the result can be catastrophic is a driver fails to notice them. Many car accidents involving pedestrians result in serious injury and, in some cases, death.

Fires caused by defective products in specific trucks

Many consumers put a great deal of thought into buying an automobile. With so many different choices in various price ranges, considering available options is often advisable. Upon purchasing a vehicle, people in Hawaii expect the product to be safe and reliable. Any defective products in a car or truck have the potential to put the driver's safety at risk.

Friends often remember happier times after fatal car accidents

Those who knew a particular young woman in Hawaii have been sharing memories of her talents as a stand-up paddling champion in the area. Sadly, those memories have been offered alongside their sorrow and mourning after the woman's unexpected, tragic death. It is not uncommon for loved ones and friends to share stories of deceased victims' lives after car accidents, and many believe that doing so helps the grieving process.