Friends often remember happier times after fatal car accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Those who knew a particular young woman in Hawaii have been sharing memories of her talents as a stand-up paddling champion in the area. Sadly, those memories have been offered alongside their sorrow and mourning after the woman’s unexpected, tragic death. It is not uncommon for loved ones and friends to share stories of deceased victims’ lives after car accidents, and many believe that doing so helps the grieving process.

This incident involved only one vehicle. The woman was a passenger in the car. The driver is said to have been someone she was dating at the time. The collision occurred some time after 10 p.m. on a recent Saturday.

Authorities believe the man driving the car was traveling at excessive speeds. At some point, he reportedly lost all steering control. The vehicle careened across a center line of traffic and smashed into a tree in a nearby yard of a private residence. Those inside the home are said to have heard a horrendous crashing noise and came running out to see what had happened.

It was apparently not the first accident that had occurred in their yard. They found the 25-year-old woman pinned in the vehicle and moaning in pain. The driver was said to be obviously upset when he realized his girlfriend’s condition; he was taken to the hospital and later arrested on suspicion of first-degree homicide and DUI. Sadly, the girlfriend did not survive, and the residents said the driver’s later arrest should act as a warning to others not to drink and drive. When Hawaii car accidents result in fatalities, immediately family members of deceased victims are often entitled to file wrongful death claims in court to seek legal accountability against any party or parties deemed responsible in their loved ones’ deaths.