Medical conditions exacerbated by defective products in Hawaii

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2017 | Product Liability |

There have been significant advancements in medical technology over recent years. Companies have developed numerous devices that aide in the treatment of various medical conditions. These are often essential for people in Hawaii who suffer serious injury, but they can create new problems if they are not manufactured and tested properly. A recent lawsuit has been filed by three parties claiming that they were implanted with defective products.

The device in question is an inferior vena cava filter, which is implanted just below the kidneys to prevent or capture blood clots. All three defendants were implanted with IVC filters manufactured by the same company. One of the victims suffered a pulmonary embolism while the product was in place, which it is designed to prevent, resulting in his death.

The other two patients are now subjected to possible life-threatening injuries as a result of the malfunction and may require extensive medical care in the future. Devices of this nature, which are made to prevent further injury in serious health conditions, are required to be tested properly before being available for use. If a company releases a defective product resulting in the harm of a patient, it may be held accountable.

Requiring constant medical treatment can place a person under significant financial burden. In the event of death, families face major end-of-life expenses as a result. If the circumstances are caused by defective products, restitution may be sought through the civil justice system. Since the process can be complex, people in Hawaii often speak with an experienced attorney for advice on how to proceed with a claim against the wrongful party.