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June 2016 Archives

Baby bottle warmers and rattles may be among defective products

When it comes to the safety of children, parents are often concerned with the quality of store-bought products they use. As consumers, they can reasonably assume that all reasonable steps have been taken and laws obeyed that help keep products safe, especially when used in the care and upbringing of babies and other children. When defective products in Hawaii cause injury or illness, parents may become understandably angry and frustrated.

Negligence may have caused worsened medical condition

In Hawaii and elsewhere, those unable to care for themselves must often entrust their care to medical professionals. Sometimes, this type of care is provided on a temporary basis; in other situations, it may be needed permanently. All patients have the right to reasonably assume that regulations and laws will be followed in order to provide the safest care possible. Sadly, a tragedy can occur when negligence leads to a worsened medical condition, or even death.

Hawaii's big island sees far too many fatal car accidents

Each year, numerous residents and visitors to Hawaii's big island lose their lives on its roadways. These car accidents are due to various factors, and it is the job of the island's law enforcement officials to find out exactly what happened. In many cases, the cause is not clear in the first few hours and requires further investigation.

In Hawaii, car accidents may leave children without parents

When a mother in Hawaii proudly watches a daughter grow into a young woman with a child of her own, it can be a satisfying and rewarding time. Being a grandmother can be joyful as one looks forward to years of sharing special times with children and grandchildren. But when disasters such as car accidents occur, grandmothers who are left to raise their daughters' children may be left with many unanswered questions.

Nursing negligence still a problem in Hawaii and other states

When substandard medical care causes a person to suffer injury or illness, victims and family members often experience feelings of anger and frustration. When the victim is a child, or an elderly person who cannot provide self-care, the unjustness of the situation is intensified. In 2011, in a facility outside Hawaii, an elderly man died due to what his family says was nursing home negligence.

What to do when defective products cause injury in Hawaii

Countless numbers and types of products are placed into the hands of consumers in Hawaii on a daily basis. Often, these items contain labels that list things such as, ingredients, warnings and/or instructions for use or maintenance of the product. It becomes problematic, however, when consumers are given defective products, which may cause serious injuries or, in worst cases, even death.

Hawaii doctors and others urged to admit medical mistakes

Most in Hawaii would agree that far too many people die each year from substandard medical care. Mistakes made by doctors, nurses, practitioners and other staff members often create devastation in the lives of patients and their families. In fact, some estimates say that tens of thousands die in the United States annually due to errors that were most likely preventable. Among those who do survive, serious and permanent disability often results.

Court orders monetary judgment after tragic medical mistakes

Doctors in Hawaii and elsewhere often undergo the scrutiny of their patients, who may or may not be satisfied with the type of care and treatment they receive. Sometimes, doctors face allegations of medical malpractice for mistakes made while patients are undergoing a procedure. One family in another state suffered the unspeakable loss of an infant, and they have obtained a monetary judgment against those responsible for the death.

Filing defective products claim on behalf of children in Hawaii

If one parent dies and the other is considered mentally unstable, children may be placed into the care of court appointed legal guardians. If those guardians believe that defective products somehow led to the parent's death, they are able to file a wrongful death claim on the behalves of the children. This appears to be what happened in a state outside Hawaii after a man and father of three children allegedly killed his own wife.

Many families in Hawaii devastated by medical mistakes

Most medical professionals in Hawaii do their utmost best to follow protocol and acceptable standards of practice to protect patients' safety and provide the best care possible. However, in hospitals throughout the state, medical mistakes continue to occur, many of which result in devastation to entire families. In worst cases, patients have died as a result of substandard medical care, not only leaving families grief stricken, but often faced with tremendous financial debt as well.