Hawaii doctors and others urged to admit medical mistakes

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2016 | Medical Malpractice |

Most in Hawaii would agree that far too many people die each year from substandard medical care. Mistakes made by doctors, nurses, practitioners and other staff members often create devastation in the lives of patients and their families. In fact, some estimates say that tens of thousands die in the United States annually due to errors that were most likely preventable. Among those who do survive, serious and permanent disability often results.

There are many situations where a patient’s suffering seems to have been unavoidable. Various infections or illnesses are often secondary and common to the initial conditions for which they may have been admitted to the hospital in the first place. However, when a medical person has been negligent, it is only right that he or she should come forward and publicly admit his or her errors.

Doctors and hospitals hiding or manipulating information in order to conceal possible medical malpractice is problematic in many areas. Recently, a program was developed under a federal grant called Communication and Optimal Resolution (Candor) that requires staff members to inform patients and their families within one hour if a mistake has been made during any type of care or treatment. Some have said that it really all comes down to doctors and hospitals being forthright and apologizing for their mistakes.

One mother lamented the fact that her son underwent elective surgery in 2000 and died because of medical mistakes. She apparently became very angry and frustrated when the hospital continued to send her bills, even though her child died due to alleged negligence. A Hawaii personal injury lawyer can assist parents in a similar situation by helping them explore available options for filing a legal claim against a negligent doctor.

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