Negligence may have caused worsened medical condition

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In Hawaii and elsewhere, those unable to care for themselves must often entrust their care to medical professionals. Sometimes, this type of care is provided on a temporary basis; in other situations, it may be needed permanently. All patients have the right to reasonably assume that regulations and laws will be followed in order to provide the safest care possible. Sadly, a tragedy can occur when negligence leads to a worsened medical condition, or even death.

A woman acting as administrator of a deceased man’s estate has filed a legal claim against a nursing center, alleging that substandard care resulted in his death. The claim asserts that the decedent suffered much pain after falling several times, and also suffered from severe bed sores. She claims that staff members failed to provide needed medical care on more than one occasion and did not supervise the man as needed to keep him safe.

Seeking more than $50,000 in damages, the woman is asking the court to hold those she believes responsible for the man’s death legally accountable. The maximum amount claimed in damages in such situations varies, depending on individual circumstances. One of the first things an experienced attorney can do is investigate a claim to determine all options that might be available in seeking a monetary judgment in court.

When a worsened medical condition has arisen because of nursing negligence in Hawaii, a person may document the incident with the help of a personal injury lawyer. Often, an attorney may identify more than one possible source of liability. The attorney can also enlist the aid of expert witnesses to confirm injuries and testify toward the probable cause of death. This is typically beneficial to a plaintiff, on whom the burden of proof — by a preponderance of the evidence — rests in such matters.

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