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November 2014 Archives

Hope for spinal cord injuries suffered in car accidents

Individuals who are subjected to a spinal cord injury can experience a vast range of physical problems as a result. Those difficulties can be manifested in many parts of the body, and can seriously decrease an individual's ability to function in a healthy and normal manner. However, researchers are constantly working on ways to improve function for those affected by spinal cord injuries, and their efforts may be of interest to those in Hawaii who have been injured in car accidents or other sources of trauma.

Repercussions of minor to catastrophic injuries of the brain

Virtually all Hawaii residents are aware of the physical damage that victims of automobile accidents can suffer. While the human body is an amazing and resilient thing, we are also incredibly vulnerable to a wide range of injuries. Some of this damage, including catastrophic injuries, are not easy to visually identify, but can cause lasting problems for the individual involved. Such is the case for comedian and actor Tracy Morgan, who suffered a serious brain injury during a highway crash involving a tractor-trailer.

Cause unknown in early days of many car accidents

When an automobile accident takes place, Hawaii police begin the investigative process as soon as they reach the scene. An immediate assessment is made of the position of the vehicles involved, the condition of the roadway and the presence of clues that suggest how and why the crash occurred. In many cases, those individuals who were witness to car accidents play a key role, as do statements taken from those involved.

Was sexual assault in frat house due to inadequate security?

When an accident or injury takes place on property in Hawaii owned by an individual, business or institution, the injured party has the right to seek legal recourse. This is true in slip-and-fall incidents, improperly maintained structures, or in cases in which there was inadequate security in place to protect visitors. The legal term for these types of claims is premises liability, and the cases that fall under this category can be very diverse.

Car accidents: Fatality results from Hawaii collision

Entering and leaving roadways can at times be dangerous maneuvers for drivers. Some individuals behind the wheel may not yield the right-of-way to vehicles moving onto a road, or a driver may not following the traffic signals in a designated area. These and numerous other potential scenarios could lead to serious car accidents that could result in vehicle occupants suffering severe injury or even death.

Birth injuries and errors can lead to medical malpractice suit

The events leading up to a child's birth seem to occur at a lightening pace. Once a woman has gone into labor, that pace quickens even further. Parents in Hawaii and across the nation  become swept away in a series of events that can be confusing and intimidating, and have little to no time to question the decisions made by the medical team attending the birth. At times, accidents take place, some of which will eventually become the subject of medical malpractice lawsuits.

Drivers continue texting knowing risk of car accidents

As human beings, our ability to rationalize our own behavior is astounding. In any number of scenarios, individuals are able to justify actions that they know are beyond defense. This seems to be an inherent aspect of human nature, but one that can have serious consequences. Driving while texting is a prime example, and it can lead to serious car accidents in Hawaii and across the nation.

Medical mistakes pose far greater risk than Ebola

With the recent media coverage surrounding the Ebola outbreak, many Americans assume that the disease is poised to sweep through the nation. In reality, however, American citizens who have not visited affected countries have virtually no risk of being exposed to the deadly disease. What does pose a risk for patients in Hawaii and elsewhere are medical errors. It is important to understand how the mistakes made by medical professionals can impact patients and their families.

Reckless drivers can cause Hawaiian pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians in Hawaii are generally aware of the dangers they are exposed to when out walking. Reckless drivers often disregard road safety rules, and resulting accidents may lead to severe -- or even fatal -- injuries. Three pedestrians were recently hospitalized after they were struck by a vehicle.