Car accidents: Fatality results from Hawaii collision

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Entering and leaving roadways can at times be dangerous maneuvers for drivers. Some individuals behind the wheel may not yield the right-of-way to vehicles moving onto a road, or a driver may not following the traffic signals in a designated area. These and numerous other potential scenarios could lead to serious car accidents that could result in vehicle occupants suffering severe injury or even death.

A recent accident in Hawaii led to the death of one individual and the hospitalization of two others. It was reported that two parties in a pickup truck were attempting to exit a gas station when an SUV collided with the truck. It was not clear which vehicle may have had the right of way or what other factors may have contributed.

Unfortunately, the driver of the pickup truck suffered fatal injuries in the accident. The truck’s passenger was also injured and considered to be in serious condition. The driver of the SUV was reported to have been hospitalized as well but the extent of her injuries was not noted. It was also mentioned that two other vehicles were involved in the crash, but they did not have major involvement.

Fatal car accidents are always regrettable events that can leave many individuals negatively affected. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, civil lawsuits could potentially result from the situation. If it is determined that the driver of the SUV was at fault, the family of the deceased victim may wish to consider filing a wrongful death claim. Taking this route could allow them to seek compensation for their loss and other damages permitted under Hawaii law.

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