Cause unknown in early days of many car accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2014 | Car Accidents |

When an automobile accident takes place, Hawaii police begin the investigative process as soon as they reach the scene. An immediate assessment is made of the position of the vehicles involved, the condition of the roadway and the presence of clues that suggest how and why the crash occurred. In many cases, those individuals who were witness to car accidents play a key role, as do statements taken from those involved.

Even so, the process of determining the cause of a crash and whether one party is at fault can take many weeks. All of the information gathered at the scene, in addition to toxicology results and other forensic work, must be evaluated and placed into the proper context. For those who were injured in a serious car accident, or the family of individuals killed in a crash, this waiting period can be difficult to weather.

Such may be the case for the family of a man killed in a recent car crash in Maili, Oahu. The man was struck and killed as he attempted to exit a gas station parking lot. His vehicle was struck by another, leading to fatal injury to the driver and serious injuries to his passenger.

As of the time of this report, this crash remains under investigation by Hawaii police. As with many car accidents, it may be some time before a determination of fault is reached. Until then, the family of the man killed in this most recent of Oahu car accidents will focus on saying their goodbyes to their lost loved one. Should police determine that the other driver was negligent in the accident, criminal charges and/or a wrongful death suit could follow.

Source: Hawaii News Now, “Man dies following vehicle crash in Maili“, Nov. 13, 2014