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October 2014 Archives

Hope when car accidents that lead to traumatic brain injury

Anyone who has gone through a traumatic brain injury and the subsequent recovery process knows the difficulty of reaching a new state of "normal." What is often overlooked, however, is the damage that can come to the relationships between patients and their spouses or significant others. New research is focused on aiding couples as they move through the aftermath of car accidents or other events leading to traumatic brain injuries.

Reckless drivers not always held accountable

For those Hawaii families who have lost a loved one in a car crash, the road to normalcy can be a long one. In some ways, life will never go back to being the same. Even accidents that leave minor injuries can have lasting effects, and many who are involved in such an incident will remember the event for the rest of their lives. When reckless drivers cause automotive collisions, the effects can ripple out for many years.

Government issues "urgent" defective products warning

In an effort to reach as many affected consumers as possible, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has posted an urgent message on its website to warn of dangers associated with defective airbags. The airbags, manufactured by Takata, are subject to a recent recall. Drivers in Hawaii who own a vehicle that contains one of these defective products are urged to take their car in to have the airbags replaced.

Police must determine events leading up to car accidents

When police are called to the scene of a Hawaii car crash, the process of investigation into the incident begins immediately. Officers assess the scene as soon as they arrive, and make note of the location and condition of the vehicles involved. Road conditions are noted, as well as the presence of any tire marks upon the roadway. Witnesses are interviewed, and police also obtain statements from those involved in the crash whenever possible. In this way, the cause of many car accidents can be accurately determined, and police can decide whether criminal charges are appropriate.

Reckless drivers can cause serious injury, death

For those in Hawaii who travel by automobile, there are a number of responsibilities that come with the privilege of driving. Drivers must take care to ensure that they are behaving in a manner that protects the safety of those around them. Reckless drivers, who fail to act in a manner consistent with such care, can cause accidents that can injure or even kill others with whom they share the road. Such appears to be the case in a recent incident in which a pedestrian was killed.

Who can I report defective products to and how do I do it?

Product recalls are reported in the news or added to the Food and Drug Administration's website on a regular basis. The purpose behind these recalls is for consumers to be made aware of any possible problems with their purchases and to provide them with the steps necessary to return or dispose of this merchandise. Anytime a product, no matter what it is, is found to be defective or dangerous, it should be reported so that -- if appropriate -- a recall can be issued. However, few consumers in Hawaii and elsewhere know whom to report these defective products to or how to do it.

Compensation may be available to those injured in truck accidents

If you've ever come across an accident involving a semi truck, you've probably seen that the amount of damage these vehicles can cause is pretty significant. Truck accidents are, unfortunately, fairly commonplace in states all across the country, including here in Hawaii. Generally speaking, these accidents are more severe than a typical automobile crash, and victims of these collisions often suffer catastrophic injuries that greatly alter their lives.

Alleged surgical error the basis of a medical malpractice suit

As most people in Hawaii know, the human body is amazing to consider. Each organ and system works together in complicated systems in order to allow people to function in their day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, it is also vulnerable, susceptible to viruses and foreign objects. For example, in a recently filed medical malpractice suit, one woman alleged that a foreign object was left in her now-deceased husband's abdomen, leaving him to suffer.

Inadequate security, safety measures center of recent lawsuit

When an individual frequents a place of business in the state of Hawaii, he or she can expect to find a reasonable level of safety throughout that facility. That expectation can be extended to situations in which the facility is closed, a situation that forms the center of many premises liability lawsuits. When an injury or death results from inadequate security or safety measures at a place of business, the individual injured or the bereaved family has the right to seek compensation for their damages or loss.