Compensation may be available to those injured in truck accidents

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If you’ve ever come across an accident involving a semi truck, you’ve probably seen that the amount of damage these vehicles can cause is pretty significant. Truck accidents are, unfortunately, fairly commonplace in states all across the country, including here in Hawaii. Generally speaking, these accidents are more severe than a typical automobile crash, and victims of these collisions often suffer catastrophic injuries that greatly alter their lives.

Thanks to an improving economy, the trucking industry is going strong and more semis are seen on the roads now than ever before. Specific laws and regulations are in place to help keep not only truck drivers safe, but others who share the road with them. These laws limit the amount of time a truck driver is allowed to be behind the wheel each day, set standards for the amount of weight different truck types are allowed to carry and require drivers to obtain and maintain proper commercial vehicle licensing.

While these and other regulations guide the trucking industry and are meant to reduce accidents, numerous people are injured – or worse – in accidents with these vehicles every year. Those who do survive often require extensive and specialized medical care, rehabilitation and daily use of medical equipment. They may or may not fully recover from these injuries, and some require life-long assistance in order to complete normal daily tasks. To learn more about the consequences of truck accidents, please visit our Hawaii Truck Accident Lawyers page.

The physical, financial and emotional consequences that accompany truck accidents can be devastating. Victims of these collisions may be entitled to compensation in cases where negligence on part of the semi driver is considered a contributing factor in the crash. Hawaii residents may benefit from services offered by an experienced personal injury attorney who can review the specific facts of your case and help determine the best course of legal action to pursue.

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