Police must determine events leading up to car accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2014 | Car Accidents |

When police are called to the scene of a Hawaii car crash, the process of investigation into the incident begins immediately. Officers assess the scene as soon as they arrive, and make note of the location and condition of the vehicles involved. Road conditions are noted, as well as the presence of any tire marks upon the roadway. Witnesses are interviewed, and police also obtain statements from those involved in the crash whenever possible. In this way, the cause of many car accidents can be accurately determined, and police can decide whether criminal charges are appropriate.

This is the process that follows a recent crash that led to serious injuries for two elderly people. A 90-year-old man was driving a minivan with an 87-year-old female passenger when the vehicle was involved in an accident. Police report that one additional vehicle was involved, and that the crash took place after one of the vehicles attempted to make a left turn.

There are no details as to which vehicle was making that turn, or which party may have been responsible for the accident. What is known is that the two elderly people involved were transported to an area hospital for emergency treatment. Both were reportedly in serious condition.

Should Hawaii police determine that the other driver was at fault in the crash, charges could follow. In addition, if it appears that negligence may have been a factor in the incident, the two individuals injured could seek damages by way of a personal injury lawsuit. Car accidents often lead to serious physical and financial damage, and a civil suit is one way for individuals to gain restitution for those damages.

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