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July 2014 Archives

Car accidents could result in medical bills in Hawaii

Those involved in a vehicle crash may count their blessings when they walk away from the incident. However, when people are injured in car accidents, they may end up having to take a visit to a local hospital. The medical treatment received from the hospital is not free-of-charge, however, and many times can be more than an average person in Hawaii is financially ready to pay.

Mothers say defective drugs caused their children's birth defects

Reaching out to health care providers for help with depression or anxiety can be a difficult task for some people. Once an individual in Hawaii is finally able to make that request for help, they generally hope for the best and imagine that things will improve in the future. However, a group of women claim that their children were actually seriously harmed after they were prescribed supposed defective drugs during their pregnancy.

Medical malpractice suit follows when sponge is left in body

For Hawaiian residents who are preparing for a surgical procedure, fears surrounding the surgery and the inherent risks abound. There are so many unknowns when it comes to a serious medical procedure, and so many things that can go wrong. One risk is that a patient could be subjected to a surgical error, which could lead to serious health problems. Those fears could be deepened with the news of a medical malpractice lawsuit that is currently underway.

Takata's defective products lead to an expanded BMW recall

By now, many people in Hawaii have heard about the issues surrounding airbags manufactured by Takata. The defective products have promoted numerous automakers to issue recalls of their vehicles in order to fix the problem. Recently, BMW decided to expand its recall to all vehicles that could be affected, not just those in certain geographical areas.

Recent wreck adds to suspected alcohol-related car accidents

There is no shortage of media coverage and law enforcement-backed drunk driving awareness campaigns. It would be difficult to find anyone of driving age who has not been warned about the dangers of drinking and driving. However, each year Honolulu police continue to respond to alcohol-related car accidents.

Hawaii thrill seekers should know of coaster accident on mainland

Anyone who has ever been to an amusement park has probably wondered how these venues keep patrons safe. Honolulu residents who frequent amusement parks might be interested to learn of an accident that happened on a roller coaster on the mainland.

Medical practice issues not uncommon with VA care

Veterans make up a substantial portion of Hawaii's population, with at least one in 10 residents having previously served in some branch of the military, and that number continues to grow. Many of these veterans rely on the Department of Veteran's Affairs for their ongoing medical care, and a recent investigation discovered that care may be lacking.

Faulty ignition switch prompts recall of more vehicles

It seems as though each day brings news of another automotive recall. While a lot of these automotive recalls have been associated with the ignition switch in General Motors' brands, a recent recall dealing with ignition switches has nothing to do with GM. The most recent recall might interest Honolulu readers who drive Chrysler vehicles.

City bus kills Hawaii man walking to catch bus on his way to work

All drivers are expected to drive in a manner that is safe. Part of this expectation means keeping an eye out for pedestrians who are walking along the street or crossing the street. In 2005, law makers updated the Hawaii Revised Statues Section 291C-72(a) to reflect that a driver must stop for pedestrians who are crossing the road in a crosswalk, according to the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation.