City bus kills Hawaii man walking to catch bus on his way to work

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All drivers are expected to drive in a manner that is safe. Part of this expectation means keeping an eye out for pedestrians who are walking along the street or crossing the street. In 2005, law makers updated the Hawaii Revised Statues Section 291C-72(a) to reflect that a driver must stop for pedestrians who are crossing the road in a crosswalk, according to the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation.

When drivers do not follow the updated statute, pedestrians can be hit, which can lead to injuries that are serious or fatal. A recent accident in Kalihi serves as a stark reminder that all drivers have to remember to watch crosswalks to ensure pedestrians are not crossing the road in these spaces.

The car accident occurred as a 55-year-old man was crossing North King Street at around 4:30 in the morning. He was in a marked crosswalk near Richard Lane when he was hit by a city bus. Honolulu Police and Emergency Response Services responded to the scene, but it was too late to help the pedestrian. The man was pronounced dead on the scene of the accident.

The man’s family reports that he was trying to catch a bus to get to his job as a parking attendant when the fatal accident occurred. His family has to deal not only with the emotional impact of his untimely death, but they also have to deal with the loss of his income.

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