Car accidents could result in medical bills in Hawaii

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Those involved in a vehicle crash may count their blessings when they walk away from the incident. However, when people are injured in car accidents, they may end up having to take a visit to a local hospital. The medical treatment received from the hospital is not free-of-charge, however, and many times can be more than an average person in Hawaii is financially ready to pay.

This is what two people will now have to worry about following a recent crash at an intersection. Apparently, both people were in the same vehicle when the car somehow ended up crashing into a pole. Reports released to the public indicate that the incident occurred at approximately 8:45 a.m. in late July.

The victims were reportedly a 30-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman. Both individuals were listed as being in serious condition. Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after the incident and began to immediately treat the victims. They then took both injured persons to the same medical facility following the incident. The crash caused the authorities to shut down the freeway for approximately one hour in order to investigate the possible cause.

The cause of the crash can be important, since it can be a significant factor in any legal proceedings stemming from the collision in Hawaii. Those who are injured in car accidents may have the ability to file a personal injury lawsuit against those whom they believe are responsible for causing the injuries. In this particular case, the passenger of the vehicle may be able to sue the driver if he or she believes that the driver was operating the vehicle in a negligent manner.

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