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May 2016 Archives

Reckless drivers place all Hawaii travelers in danger

Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Hawaii every year. When traveling throughout the islands, tourists can be exposed to risks under various circumstances. Reckless drivers rank high on the list because their negligence often results in motor vehicle accidents that result in serious injuries or death.

Hawaiian patients should be aware of eye surgery mistakes

The human eye is an intricate, complex organ that is a crucial part of a typical person's life. When an eye becomes injured or diseased, the person affected may be at risk for permanent vision loss. In Hawaii and elsewhere, it seems that such injuries have all too often occurred because of surgical mistakes made during cataracts surgeries.

Melissa Rivers settles medical malpractice case

Substandard medical care continues to be problematic in many Hawaii hospitals and throughout the nation. Each year, countless victims suffer serious injuries, deaths or illnesses due to mistakes made by medical staff members. In a recent case, Joan River's daughter, Melissa, settled a medical malpractice claim she filed after her mother's death.

Sifting through legal options regarding truck accidents in Hawaii

Most major highways are filled with traffic traveling at high rates of speed on a daily basis. In Hawaii and all other states, much of that traffic is comprised of massive tractor-trailers and other large commercial vehicles. When truck accidents occur, the results are often devastating. More than one person may suffer life-threatening injuries, and many victims do not survive the tremendous impacts of such collisions.

Legal challenges after surgical mistakes often long-lasting

Parents in Hawaii often find it necessary to entrust their children to the care of hospital surgeons. Most doctors and other medical staff members do their best to adhere to acceptable standards and safety regulations. However, mistakes often occur in the operating room, and the results can be quite tragic.

Defective products in Hawaii may turn toys into dangers

In Hawaii and throughout the nation, toy store shelves are teeming with the latest, greatest trendy items, beckoning to parents on behalf of children everywhere. Most parents delight in purchasing popular toys and equipment for their kids; that is, until defective products turn toys into dangers that result in serious injuries. A particular item has repeatedly been reported as posing a grave risk to consumers.  

Car accidents in Hawaii often leave families devastated

The mention of Hawaii typically conjures up images of beauty, tropical wonder and vacations. All of these things and more are enjoyed by millions of residents and tourists on the islands every day. However, as is true in all other states, car accidents and other incidents often occur that put an immediate damper on travel adventures or residential daily life.

Appropriate steps to take when filing medical malpractice claim

Hawaii hospitals are full of doctors, nurses, practitioners and other professional staff members who do their best on a daily basis to provide care and treatment to patients according to the highest level of safety standards and accepted protocol. Still, medical malpractice incidents remain problematic in many areas throughout the state and across the nation. A single error or seemingly minor act of negligence on the part of medical staff often results in serious injury or life-threatening illness to a patient.