Defective products in Hawaii may turn toys into dangers

On Behalf of | May 12, 2016 | Medical Malpractice, Product Liability |

In Hawaii and throughout the nation, toy store shelves are teeming with the latest, greatest trendy items, beckoning to parents on behalf of children everywhere. Most parents delight in purchasing popular toys and equipment for their kids; that is, until defective products turn toys into dangers that result in serious injuries. A particular item has repeatedly been reported as posing a grave risk to consumers.  

A hoverboard is a battery operated self-balancing scooter meant to provide hours of ride-on fun.  The only problem seems to be that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has apparently deemed the products unsafe. Reportedly, the agency has actually warned consumers against purchasing these fairly new-to-the-market toys. 

A spokeswoman for the commission publicly stated the agency finds hoverboards defective products that can cause fires when they fail to work properly. This seems to be just what happened in Boston on a recent Sunday. A hoverboard fire allegedly caused three families to be evacuated from an apartment building.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has reportedly investigated more than 60 fires in various states related to hoverboard malfunctions. Many people are also said to have been treated in emergency rooms throughout the nation for severe injuries due to hoverboard accidents. Any person who has suffered injury due to defective products in Hawaii may take legal action to seek full recovery for losses by filing a product liability claim in a civil court. It is crucial to document the details of an accident, as well as determine all possible sources of liability before proceeding to court. An experienced personal injury attorney can offer assistance in such matters.

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