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February 2014 Archives

Are police distracted on reporting accidents due to distraction?

The highway fatality rates over the last few years have been unsettled, with decreases followed by increases, followed by another decrease. Last year, fortunately, the number decreased, but they remain far too high. In 2013, there was a 3 percent drop, to about 32,500, but that is still a staggering loss of life.

Cocaine-using surgeon leaves man quadriplegic

The next time you need surgery, would you consider choosing a doctor who used cocaine? Some patients in a Texas hospital allege there were not given a choice, but were nonetheless operated on by a doctor who was known to have used cocaine. A man is suing the hospital claiming it allowed the neurosurgeon "to repeatedly botch spinal surgeries."

They didn't think kids eat in cars?

Car accidents are always bad. Even "minor" accidents pose a great risk to the human body, as the physics of a vehicle crash exert terrific forces on the body, breaking bones, tearing muscle, crushing internal organs and causing concussions and traumatic brain injuries to the vehicle's occupants.

Driver drags man under car for blocks

There are car accidents, where elements of the collision seem more accidental, where events have to line up just right (or just wrong) for the accident to occur. And then there are car accidents where nothing seems accidental, and the collision moves from a reckless driver to verging on an intentional act.

Good Samaritan: experience too bizarre for 'Hawaii Five-O'

In the Hawaiian Islands, there is a feeling of community. It wouldn't be unusual to see someone stop and help a neighbor in need. That's exactly what one woman did when she saw a vehicle stranded on the side of the Honolulu freeway where a female passenger was visibly injured... only this time the situation took an unexpected turn.

A car safety regulation that will save billions

Often, the car industry complains loudly when government regulators put forward requirements for new safety features for automobiles. The adoption of the now standard airbag was long delayed by the car manufacturers recalcitrance. There is frequently much outcry concerning the cost of the new safety feature, as if a $100 is going to make much difference in the price of a $35,000 car.

Troubling increase in fatal car accidents and marijuana

As the marijuana legalization movement gains momentum and states like Hawaii consider following Colorado and Washington's lead, a growing problem will need to be addressed: that of drugged driving caused by marijuana use. A recent study has found that the number of fatal car accidents involving drugged drivers went from 16 percent in 1999 to 28 percent by 2010.

Ride sharing service sued for pedestrian death

At one time, when you were in college, if you needed to catch a ride, you could place sheet of paper on a bulletin board and hope someone would give you a call and a ride. Times have changed and the modern version of that bulletin board is an app that allows riders to submit a request for a ride and quickly be matched with a potential driver.

The difference between inattentive driving and driving drunk

Everyone agrees drunk driving is bad. Alcohols ability to deaden our reaction time and slow our cognitive powers is a poor mix with a couple of thousand pounds of metal moving at dozens of feet per second. If someone drinks and drives, it is virtually certain that they will have an "accident" with car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian.