Driver drags man under car for blocks

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There are car accidents, where elements of the collision seem more accidental, where events have to line up just right (or just wrong) for the accident to occur. And then there are car accidents where nothing seems accidental, and the collision moves from a reckless driver to verging on an intentional act.

Such an event occurred yesterday in Waianae and Honolulu Police are now looking for a man accused of a hit-and-run with two pedestrians that turned into a hit-and-drag. As horrified onlookers watched, the man got into his car, struck two people and proceeded to drag the man for five blocks underneath his car as eyewitnesses threw stuff at his vehicle and one woman followed him honking, attempting to get him to stop.

The pedestrian knock down victim appeared to have been dragged on his stomach. One eyewitness described to horror of watching his feet bump up and down as he was dragged under the vehicle down the street.

The alleged driver was suspected of potentially being drunk, as some at the apartment complex say his breath smelled of alcohol. Honolulu Police are attempting to locate the driver who was apparently kicked out of the complex by his girlfriend. The driver will face charges of attempted murder and failure to render aid.

The injured man was in the hospital for “severe scraping wounds to his body and hands.” While he is fortunate to be alive, these types of injures may require significant reconstructive surgery to repair the damage to the skin.

He is likely carry scars from this accident the rest of his life. He may also be at an elevated risk of infection, due to the potential for dirt and other road debris to be ground into the skin and muscles.

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