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January 2014 Archives

Do you know where your knee replacement came from?

Hawaii has long been a base for U.S. military operations in the Pacific. The U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor and the Army Air Corps Hickman Field became famous as the location where the World War Two began in the Pacific for the U.S., and Hawaii is home to tens of thousands of active duty and retired servicemembers. And that means the Veterans Administration's Spark M. Matsunaga VA Medical Center provides medical care for a significant number of residents of the islands of Hawaii.

Brain dead women ordered off life support

End of life decisions are always difficult. While we all know, down deep, that no one lives forever; it is difficult to come to terms with our own mortality. It is also difficult to have this conversation with our loved ones, whether they are our spouse or our elderly parents. Nonetheless, we all could face unpleasant choices because of illness, old age, a car accident or medical malpractice during a "routine" surgery.

Gestational diabetes test recommendedPost Title

Pregnancy is one of those odd things; many women can have multiple children, and all of their pregnancies are unremarkable and without any kind of medical complications. The children are born after a full term, and aside from the discomfort experienced during the labor and delivery, the mother is back to normal quickly and the child is healthy.

U-turn on Pali Highway causes fatal car accident

Hawaii has some of the most picturesque scenery and beautiful sights of any state. And one of the most popular is the drive to the Pali, which is the site of a famous battle, which provides spectacular views of Honolulu and the Oahu coastline. But like many roads in the islands, the landscape may harbor dangerous curves and turnoffs.

Is it time to take mom's keys away?

We are all getting older. A commonplace and seemingly unremarkable fact. Nevertheless, what makes it a more interesting statement is the implications it has for the nation as a whole, as the baby boom ages. The largest demographic cohort has made its impression on the fabric of the U.S. from the building boom in public schools in the 1950s, through the tumultuous 60s, and they continue to influence many areas of life today.

Toddler among dead in Oahu car crash

We know car accidents can be horrific for those involved; if they are lucky, they suffer only minor injuries and mental trauma. For those less lucky, there is the pain of the immediate injuries suffered in the crash. But, depending on those injuries, they may face additional surgeries beyond the emergency department treatment they receive upon arriving at the hospital.

A student athlete brain's need rest after a concussion

It was not too long ago that many young athletes who suffered a concussion on the playing field, whether soccer, football or other sports, would have been told to "shake it off" and get back out there. As the toll of concussion-related injures grows in the ranks of professional football players, the consensus has moved that such advice would be extremely negligent today.

3-year-old in vegetative state after dental procedure goes wrong

A little girl goes to visit a dentist in Kailua, Hawaii, as hundreds of people throughout the islands do every day. Instead of going home with some cavities filled, she went to a hospital, and is now in a persistent, vegetative state, suffering from irreversible brain damage.

Teen drivers develop bad habits quickly

Driving is a difficult activity. As developers of driverless cars have found out, even seemingly basic functions, like determining when the correct light has changed at an intersection in order for a car to make a left turn, are far more difficult than they may appear. So the fact that many teen drivers are cautious when they begin driving is a good thing.